What to do and not to do when swimming or backpacking around Costa Rica

DO visit Costa Rica … From beaches, waterfalls and volcanoes, to monkeys, great coffee and authentically nice people, this colorful little country, in the 2nd world, boasts plenty of reasons to visit them. You can backpack it on a budget or never leave your 5-star resorts. As for the beaches, if you want to welcome […]

Best 3 flights to Bangalore Kathmandu

Kathmandu – Nepal's largest city – attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Surrounded by snowy mountain peaks; Shivapuri, Chandragiri, Nagarjuna, and Phchchoki, this place is the first choice of nature lovers. Several tourists from India are also planning their trip to this city in search of peace, comfort and tranquility. In recent […]