Make the most of your Myrtle Beach vacation by booking a boat

Myrtle Beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions on the East Coast. There are so many things you can do here no matter what activity you are interested in, Myrtle Beach offers it to you! If you are on a Myrtle Beach vacation, what you should never miss are the different types of boat cruises offered here. There are several tour companies in the area that offer different sailing packages for all those who want the unforgettable Myrtle Beach vacations.

Captain Dick's Marina, located on Route 17 of Capt. Dick & # 39; In the Bay Area, offers several types of boat cruises for tourists & # 39; Different flavors. They have salt juice cyber adventures, pirate adventures and a perfect ocean cruise for families.

Captain Dick's Marina & # 39; See Thunder Cruise is considered to be the most exciting family attraction on the South Strand. It traverses the salt marsh channels of Morlett Bay, allowing to see the wide variety of bird species that inhabit the area such as gulls, turns, loons, cormorants and sand towers. If this is your lucky day, you will also see other marine life along the way such as friendly dolphins and sea turtles. People of all ages will definitely enjoy this cruise.

For the rates, adults eat $ 22, while children 12 and under will eat $ 15. However, children ages 3 and under will be admitted for free. Orders can be made online. You may be able to find hot deals including discounts for larger tour groups! So do not neglect the power of online reservations, because here tourists actually find bargain prices in the form of tour packages.

Another company that offers boat cruises on the Myrtle Beach is the Big American River Company. It offers different types of cruises, from lunch and dinner cruises to full day cruises that already include breakfast and lunch.

The Great American River Boat Company presents cruises traveling in the free waterway along with Sergeant Kirk on the Second Barefoot Princess. The Jungle Princess is another cruise that will move north toward a barefoot landing, where tourists can overlook beautiful homes and other natural areas. This climate-controlled boat can carry a maximum of 150 passengers and is complete with amenities and even a buffet. It also comes with entertaining and educational narration throughout the trip.

Other cruises offered by the Big American River Company include boating on tourist sites that last about an hour and a half, a two-hour sunset cruise, a two-hour chicken cruise that also includes a starter, starch, vegetable, dessert, and beverages! Last but not least is Captain Dinner Cruise & # 39; Which is a special cruise where a place must be reserved in advance.

While it is true that there are lots of companies on the Myrtle Beach that offer different types of boating, it is better to plan ahead. By planning ahead, you can save time and even money, especially when you're in the area. Tourists need to be smart nowadays! Always good to have fun and as much as possible, don't spend too much. So make sure you get ready for a Myrtle Beach vacation and do your online research before you finally board this plane!

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