A new super sonic aircraft to be launched in Japan

Just when you thought the Concord and Super Sonic flight were all dead by now, the Japanese want to build the ultimate in Super Sonic Airlines to travel from Tokyo to Los Angeles or New York in record time and speed. But they need some help from NASA to do that. Fortunately, we certainly learn a lot about the subject and the airline industry learned a lot from Concord as well. Some of these lessons didn't come that cheap and cost a lot of life indeed.

The Japanese Space Agency will work with the National Aeronautics and Space Agency to build a new super-fast aircraft capable of taking the trip across the Pacific in less than three hours. But how can that be possible? Well the newest technologies are of course used and they want to be able to do 5.5m or five and a half times the speed of sound. This is a long term project and should be done by 2025. How can you go so fast you ask? Well with a Scram Jet engine that can allow it to go ten times the size of today's standard commercial jet.

This is a joint project with NASA and Boeing Technologies in a venture with Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Fugi, and Ishikawagi-heavy industries. All this in 2006.

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