Discount flights to Panama, Central America

Traveling to Central America has always been very expensive from the US. However, the Panama trade routes have consistently provided an opportunity for discounted travel flights to and from Panama. The discount rate is usually a function of the type of cargo and the actual air transport type you are willing to receive.

Travel as baggage

Many of you may be surprised to find that Panama may have more light aircraft than any single country in America. Almost every cocoa or marijuana field has its own private landing track that provides the ability to load quite significant cargo volumes. In such cases, discounted travel flights from Panama may be necessary for the carrier. Therefore, if you are not a highly qualified liar, you may expect to spend time in jail in the US city of arrival. In such cases, a discounted flight from Panama may actually be more expensive than a regularly scheduled flight!

Discounted travel flights to Panama are far less adventurous. The simplest thing to look for is a small passenger plane with two engines that makes frequent trips to Central America. Contact the pilot directly and negotiate your discounted flights to Panama. These guys think they are under the radar, and the fact that you know they are traveling to Panama for a reason that is not particularly popular with the DEA can result in very low travel flights with Panama travel. However, it should be understood that such discounted trips may not be to the desired port or city, and further negotiations on Panama travel discount flights are not possible once airborne.

Traveling as a luggage in this way is not the safest and most preferable way for those of us looking to take advantage of discounted travel flights to Panama.

Traveling alone

For travelers alone, here is a cautionary note. When entering into a bargain for discounted flights to or from Panama, please do so with at least one member. Safety is in numbers and flying as a group in a suggested way will cause much less trouble for you and your friends. You might even find a legitimate place in Panama and spend quality time together. As with all vacations, time spent planning your trip carefully pays off. Check the carrier, the airports involved and the type of service provided.

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