For most of its short life, bitcoin was a toy for computer gaming, and banks and governments largely ignored it. That all changed at the end of 2017, when an epic comeback led prices to new peaks. Since then, central banks have been focusing more on cryptocurrencies, especially in recent months, as Facebook threatens to usurp its domain.

Bankers need their own cryptocurrencies
The benefits of digital currency are clear, faster and more efficient payments are good news for everyone. Banks are already making big profits by moving people’s money, and digital cash will help them even more.

Facebook shook the world’s regulator cages and woke up to bankers. If they can’t improve their archaic and expensive transmission mechanisms, which are mainly based on SWIFT, better alternatives will emerge.


There is an obvious demand for cryptocurrencies such as Libra, but Facebook’s responsibility is clearly not enough. Bitcoin does exactly what it needs to do, but price volatility continues to prevent daily use, and most are unpleasant.

The central banks of China, Sweden, the Bahamas and Thailand are experimenting with their own cryptocurrencies and many will soon be launched. The Federal Reserve is still waiting for the margin, according to Bloomberg, and is likely to be governed by a number of regulations that hinder innovation.

The threat to national sovereignty by the social media giant was big enough to offset the avalanche of critics for its Libra project. There was also the danger that central banks would not be able to effectively manage monetary policy (printing more money) if an alternative global currency existed.

Central banks are looking for wholesale solutions that limit the availability of any stable currency to banks and financial institutions. They will be used internally to make payments in the current money system faster and cheaper.

The retail solution would be to allow account holders to use digital currency under tight control. The Central Bank administers the General Directive and has complete control over the supply and outflow of any stable currency developed by it.

Before China’s rigging
China is likely to be the first major country to launch its own central bank cryptocurrencies as Asia moves ahead with innovative research and development. However, no start time has been set yet. The PBoC hiring announcement says it wants to hire six other technology experts with experience in cryptography, econometrics and microelectronics to join the bank’s new cryptocurrency development.

China’s position on decentralized encryption assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has not changed. This still won’t allow people to buy cryptography with fiat. Central banks are unlikely to see public cryptocurrencies as a good prospect as they are beyond state control and have no such transaction limits.

Whether or not the scale is moving forward is now questionable, but Facebook has accelerated the research process of the World Banks, and it is likely that a series of centrally stable currencies will be launched in the coming years.

The best luxury hotels in the world

Travel to the best resorts and be in the luxury of the best hotels in the world. If you are among the happiest few who can afford the best, get the travel agents that will give you a good deal or search the best luxury hotels online at the destination of your choice.

The Ritz-Carlton in Washington, United States of America is located in the heart of the city, but when you enter the hotel, prepare to be wrapped in a haven of luxury and abundance. The spectacular ballroom and vast spaces are elegantly designed to enhance the sense of well-being. The experience, selected as one of the best hotels in the world – provides value for money.

Sofitel Los Angeles is one of the best hotels in the world. This hotel has a great blend of French design and Hollywood glitz and the feather-wrapped beds are the ultimate in luxury. The spa and conference centers feature state-of-the-art equipment in sophistication and style. For fine dining with international flair, the Sofitel Lost Angels delivers what it promises.

Sheraton Park Tower, London, UK, is undoubtedly one of the best luxury hotels in the world because of not only its strategic location, but also the excellent service and courtesy that has been extended to them over the years. The cuisine is excellent, the panoramic view remains one of its best features

For breathtaking views and romantic getaway, Villa D & # 39; Este in Italy outperforms the best resorts as well as the best luxury hotels in the worlds. Around 1873, this former residence of a 16th-century aristocrat became one of the best hotels in the world and welcomes guests with their own "famous service standard". Even thought Villa D & # 39; Este is expensive, the luxury this hotel offers is wonderful and luxurious.

For the "Versace Experience in the Fashion Brand", Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast, Australia promises you what it offers as one of the world's finest luxury hotels. The classic and contemporary style and furnishings sweep luxury, with every precious item imported directly from Italy. Donatella Versace has created a masterpiece, ranked as one of the best hotels in the world today.

Japan's Tokyo Peninsula, ranked as one of the world's best hotels – allows you to soak up their indulgent comforts, hints of Japanese heritage and culture combined with the latest innovative technology. The hotel is one of the best hotels in the world and an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Chapel Singapore opened in early spring 2009 and ranks the best in world hotels as one of the best luxury hotels in the world. Though built in the heart of the city, the long winding approach allows for the privacy of the guest. With most of their rooms overlooking the South China Sea, the hotel promises to be one of the best luxury hotels in the world.

The top 10 reasons why you should work in Malaysia compared to the Philippines

In the early 1990s, there was a huge demand for skilled workers in the Philippines in Saudi Arabia for manual labor. In their struggle to feed the family and give their children proper education, Filipino parents would often remind them " Learn hard and get a good job "Shortly thereafter, they believed that working abroad would help the Philippines alleviate poverty and thus began the Philippine Workers Abroad (OFW) trend. People began to see particularly huge improvements from OFW families and the government continues to praise them as Modern Hero Of the Philippines. With the latest economic factors aggravating the living conditions of the masses, Filipino parents would now remind their children of the same phrase … with a little tweet – " Learn hard and get a good job abroad . "

One of the most promising countries to work overseas is about 1500 miles southwest of Philippines – Malaysia. Their workforce often requires a huge number of personnel where Filipinos usually compete with workers from countries like India, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

However, they still want to work in Malaysia for a variety of reasons that our country, the Philippines, does not adequately provide or allows to be reached by hard work and determination. As one of the employees who previously worked in our hometown, traveling abroad sounds like a fairly natural response that brings a solution to this issue. However, no matter what occupation you do or what skill you have, many of the things here can make you say "yes, that's exactly why I went abroad! "

So without further consideration, here are the top ten reasons why it's better to work in Malaysia compared to the Philippines:

10. Different culture

Once you set foot on a foreign territory, you'll notice that everything you put your eyes on is different from home. You may suddenly notice women wearing Muslim scarves Known as Celebration . Also, when you wander around malls that you are so used to when you were in the Philippines, you will notice that there are specific Prayer rooms On several floors they call Surau , Which we are not used to because we belong to another culture.

Humans, in general, are curious creatures and we as Filipinos do not shy away from this behavior. We tend to be confined to these different perspectives including the very differences in religion and celebrations. Moreover, as millennials, we embrace change so much that we love to live Outside the norm And share our experiences on social media.

As such, we adhere to these cultural standards, respect them and, if possible, A meeting in between Because we have a duty to go to church every Sunday and spread the word of God. And whatever you do, believe me, they will also respect what you believe in.

9. More opportunities

Although Malaysia is a developing country like the Philippines, the work here opens the gateway to countless opportunities. In our country, it's probably hard to get a job even if you have the most impressive resume in town. However, in Malaysia you can get a call for an interview within an hour provided you have the right skills and experience that an agency or foreign minister needs.

If you have plans To advance your career (Especially in IT or engineering), working in Malaysia is a boost to your hard earned certificate because many times HR takes into account dealing with your foreign bosses. It is also a huge benefit for a candidate to have experience in managing excellent working relationships with foreign clients.

Also, if you have other destinations for life events like Immigrant to First World Countries Like Australia, Canada or New Zealand, document processing you need is relatively easy, faster and safer in Malaysia. Although you need to return home to collect documents for the long list of immigration requirements, it's still best to do this & # 39; In Malaysia because you have the advantage, right financially?

8. Delicious cuisine

I & # 39; I've been hanging out in Malaysia for 6 months now as of writing and I have to say it out loud that Malaysian cuisine, in the simplest sense, is Incomparable . No matter how i'm " Eating "(No, that's not what you think – I mean it as foodless at home) While I live here, still every Malaysian dish I try to completely soothe my passion and satisfy my gut, though I go to the bathroom (because I can't handle some Spicy dishes).

Due to the different cooking traditions and customs of the three main ethnic groups in Malaysia – Malaysians, Chinese and Native Americans – Malaysian cuisine is so infused with a wealth of spices that make the foods so high-quality than those in the home. The popular everyday food you come across here in Malaysia is Nasi to Mac , Mi Gurang , Randang or Beck Cot Tha And how hot Tea trick aside.

For all of them, everyone cheap . Lank Freide in the photo costs around RM 6.70. With a huge plate and lots of dishes on the side, you won't be able to get this kind of food for P80 in the Philippines unless you live in the province. Even with GST (Tax and Services) Recently applied this year, you can still eat in the budget by buying wet markets and cooking it yourself. That way, you can eat even cheaper and cook Philippine food the way you want.

7. Improving lifestyle

Once you get here to Malaysia, we will automatically be called a foreigner or exile . If your work does not have free accommodation, you will have no choice but to rent rooms in condominiums or landed estates. Often, rental rates in major countries such as Kuala Lumpur and Selangor turn out to be larger than usual.

However, housing units in Malaysia are usually equipped with air conditioning, automatic washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters and induction ovens which will usually make your life easier. If you only live in the Philippines with electric fan and cold water, then your lifestyle in Malaysia will definitely improve.

If you choose the right place, you can gain access to others A fascinating lifestyle Like going to the gym, shopping in the malls or maybe swimming in shared pools. Whatever your job is, I promise you that your life will be better, if not a little better then, but still better than it used to be at home, probably with your parents.

6. Easy drive back to my hometown

With cheap airlines flying and the accessibility of Asian countries to the world, it was very easy to book tickets online and fly back home. Tourists and backpackers from all over the world easily fly back and forth every day to Malaysia including our OFWs ( Workers in the Philippines overseas ).

If OFW becomes so starved that she wants to be with her daughter during the school or ceremony 7th birthday, she can simply hit the keys on sites like AirAsia or CebuPacific, book flights and board the plane on the date of travel to see her children. With flight discounts lasting every month, she can certainly drive back home and still be on a budget thus a win-win situation for all of the OFW in Malaysia. Furthermore, less than four hours return to the Philippines, so it's not so much trouble.

However, if your work restricts you from leaving the country (probably to home helpers), you can still contact them through social messaging apps like Whatsapp (very common in Malaysia) or messenger and video calls via Skype.

5. A tourist destination

Because Malaysia aims to meet their tourism brand – Malaysia is really Asian – And to remain a strong contender as the top 2 in world tourism ranking in Asia's premier destination, it is always included in the entire list of travelers visiting the most popular travel destinations. As a Filipino, one can attest to the beauty of Malaysia and its amazing tourist attractions as I saw it first hand.

If you are free on weekends, you can always travel to famous tourist destinations such as Patronas Towers, Ganting Lift or Petling Street easily by trains and buses. You can also travel a little further to places like Malka or Penang especially on long holidays as it is obviously a long drive from the city, but I promise it is well worth it. You do not need to take a taxi if you do not know where they are located because you can navigate in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur, through site mapping services such as Google Maps.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of where to go, you can browse TripAdvisor or you can browse the Rwari here as I will be posting travel guides in Malaysia soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

4. Low cost of living

Some economists use a more digestible exchange rate theory called the Big Mac Index to enact a global standard in measuring purchasing power. In layman's terms it can be used to estimate the cost of living in a particular country, though not accurately. If the base rate is a dollar, then Malaysia's currency, the ringgit, is not estimated at 63% according to the index mentioned. Hence, the Big Mac in McDonald's Malaysia is cheaper than most countries and hence has a low cost of living.

However, you do not need to consult an expert to measure the cost of living as we do it ourselves automatically Without knowing it . Often for the first time OFWs, they always convert Ringgit to Pesos whenever they buy something and sum up their daily necessities if Malaysia is usually cheaper than the Philippines.

In my opinion, food and transport are generally cheaper in Malaysia, because oil is one of Malaysia's ace cards for its economic growth. Rental housing is higher in urban areas but most of the time in the major suburbs. In general, Malaysia still retains a Low cost of living (If outside of Kuala Lumpur) versus the Philippines, or Singapore for that matter.

3. Faster Internet

According to this chart, you will see that in 2014, Malaysia has a 5.5 Mbps internet speed index while in the Philippines a 3.6 Mbps internet speed index. If you read Filipino, you can agree and testify Not true . This is one of the reasons I worked in Malaysia – because they have faster internet than the Philippines.

I was in the Philippines in 2014. The average plan for home DSL (or WiMax) through any telecom company was Up to 1-2 megabits per second As posted and it was consistently not even gained at least 500 Kbps download speed even at 14 PM after midnight (which is 100 Kbps than usual). Also, they had no optical fiber network until recently when the PLDT Fibr was introduced. Price ranges P1000 to P1500 (RM 222 to RM 333) for this type of program. As I heard, new programs are already moving forward There are data hats According to the networks & # 39; Fair Use Policy.

Here in Malaysia, you can book for 10 megabits per second A program that will go up efficiently after midnight (about 20 megabits per second) and is consistent in the morning. It is already connected to the fiber network located in the shared house (or on a landed house) and can only move from RM 100 to RM 150 . Moreover, it is unlimited with No hat And can be cut off (albeit with a minimum two-year bond) once you leave the country. If you look at the comparison, Malaysia is still leading the Internet race compared to the Philippines in this regard.

2. Better transportation

If you worked in Metro Manila like me, it is likely that you have ridden the MRT once, or every day or depending on where you come from, you must first switch from LRT station. There are already many stories on the internet that describe their suffering on the way to travel on these trains every day. I wouldn't describe it here anymore, but let me tell you Very stressful , Takes a long time and Not sure Go to work by MRT every day.

In Malaysia, the rail infrastructure consists of interconnected passenger train service, high-speed transit service, one-way service and airport train service. Traveling by train is Not stressful Because it is easy to buy tokens from card machines instead of waiting for a long queue, Doesn't take time Because trains arrive faster than you think Sure Because there are security guards in every waiting area on the train and the locals are very disciplined because the theft does not seem to exist at the train stations.

As one of my wise friends said, "a developed country is a country where the rich use public transport."

1. Higher wages

Certainly, the main reason you might want to work abroad is and always has been Of money . Even if you have the above nine reasons, if the salary discussed during the contract signing is not as you expected, working overseas may not be possible.

Sometimes, if you are in a desperate situation, you are willing to accept the job offer abroad regardless of salary. On the other hand, your co-workers would often advise you that if you take another job, your applying salary should be double what you are at the moment. , Part of the reason I took the job overseas is Lower income tax In Malaysia (about 5 to 10% per month depends on wages) compared to the Philippines (about 32% per month). It also helps that when you refer to Philippine news, you will see that there are often reports of graft and corruption allegations to your politicians who use the taxes that most Filipinos pay.

But in all aspects, the salary must also meet your expectations as it is the main reason why you want to work abroad, right? As an IT consultant and with calls from some Filipino colleagues here in Malaysia, the salary will always be Higher Than you earn in the Philippines. Since most of us are contractual, it is true that agencies have pay standards based on your work experience and skill. It's also true that some agencies give higher pay than usual, but usually it falls to your negotiating skills even though you can trade a bit more because of the unstable Malaysian currency (there, I gave you one tip – good luck!)

These are the main reasons to consider when you want to work abroad in Malaysia. There is always a demand for expatriate jobs, but recently there have been raids on illegal workers so Please be careful Who or which agencies do you trust (especially those who are seeking ineligible placement fees). However, there is news about hiring a freeze for incoming foreign workers in Malaysia, so if you are ready, then by all means, go and apply for a job here in Malaysia. for life!

Las Vegas Hotels – Mandalay Bay Hotel

If you want to relax and have fun in Vegas, Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas is your ultimate choice. One of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas, it offers its clients a casino, a variety of food to choose from, spas, a health club, bars and a huge swimming pool. However, these are just a few attractions. It is located near the cities in the single-story railway structure, allowing visitors easy access to everything the Strip has to offer. The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas entertains you with every opportunity they get and they have even won awards for these facilities.

It is unusual, with its beautifully styled and well-maintained architecture, landscapes are undoubtedly charming and worth seeing. Every inch of the Mandalay Bay Hotel cries elegantly and the Polynesian Paradise is just another feature that proves it. The chic exterior dominates the art and sculpture details of this fascinating Las Vegas hotel. Room amenities include air conditioning, cable TV, radio, hair dryer and many more. They provide you with laundry services, house cleaning service and currency exchange.

The Las Vegas hotel accommodation is up to date and they even help you with an ATM. So if you run out of money and plan to bet more, you know where to get the money. The Mandalay Bay Hotel gives its customers varieties to buy from them as well. With boutiques like the Pearl Moon, the Blues House gift shop and the like allow you to try every little opportunity that speaks to luxury.

The blues house is perhaps the trendiest feature of the resort. This place tells a musical legend and allows you to enjoy rock, jazz, blues, rap and all other musical genres during your stay. In addition, if you are fascinated by marine animals, you can visit the Sharks Reef, which gives more than a hundred species of marine life to the house!

The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas carries more than 3,000 rooms that offer guests comfort with classic design and huge amounts of facilities as well as scenic views. It has a 24-hour security system to ensure their guests are carefree during their stay and other facilities include having more than ten restaurants, free parking and room service as well.

The hotel's casino offers advanced establishments in western Europe of the richer regions. It has more than a hundred gambling tables displaying all poker poker poker. For those who enjoy video games and slots, more than two thousand of these facilities are available to these people.

Entertainment at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas is in the form of musicals, dramas and rock shows where people from New York, Los Angeles and Paris come to entertain the crowds. Entertainers like Bob Dylan and the Chicago musical have visited this hotel in Las Vegas and have settings for more than 12,000 people to accommodate in these theaters.

Behind, the hotel features a water world covering almost 11 acres with a beach, rivers, pool, swimming pool and bungalow, an upscale gym and an entire running track, a drinking lounge and a fully-prepared nightclub. These facilities are asking customers to do just that, and the Las Vegas hotel is just that.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas has the best-designed business conference rooms and banqueting rooms, which include a final addition of the finest equipment, staff and kitchen services. If someone wants to get more services, they can always ask for them instead.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel boasts of providing rooms and services from kings and queens to presidents and prime ministers from around the world. It had its merits to see the best and best known names in the world, from the richest people to the most classic names. The Mandalay Bay Hotel offers luxury in its own classic way and welcomes people from all corners of the world, offering a different package for everyone and everyone.

For those looking for true luxury and ready to pay for it, the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas is the ultimate choice for you!

Give your loved one the experience of a lifetime with a luxury hotel stay

A special anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, or any event that calls for a night's sleep is the perfect opportunity to do something wonderful for your spouse. By booking accommodation in a fine luxury hotel, you can experience the romance and splendor of a special hotel with the one you love.

All the best cities in the world have a selection of the best boutique hotels to choose from. To find your perfect hotel, use a reputable hotel booking service that specializes in luxury hotels and boutique hotels.

Imagine getting in with your loved one. Here’s what to expect from staying in one of the world’s most luxurious and metropolitan boutique hotels.

When you both arrive, you are met at the entrance by a helpful concierge who takes care of your bags. The door is held for you and you are welcomed into your home away from home with a smile. Inside the hotel's beautiful foyer is breathtaking, tastefully designed to be welcoming and sophisticated. The friendly concierge & # 39; s checking you in without any problems and is relocated.

As you both open the door to your luxury suite you will meet the look of an amazing space, decorated with welcoming and relaxing colors. Fresh flowers on a table by the window and fresh fruits on the coffee table. There are some incredibly comfortable and upholstered easy chairs and the huge poster bed in the bedroom is made of crisp white bedding, looks soft, inviting and very large! The luxurious bathroom is top to bottom with thick soft towels, quality bathroom products and beautiful, shimmering mirrors. Everywhere clean, treated and smells fresh. Like you're the first people to ever use the room. At your dinner table your table is set perfectly, comfortably lit and in the intimate corner of the restaurant. Professional, prompt and courteous waiter service. The food is out of this world. Everything tasted and looked pretty.

It may seem like a description from a romantic TV movie, but in fact, it's what you can expect from a luxury hotel. In order to be described as a boutique hotel or a luxury hotel, a factory must meet exceptionally high standards in all areas of service, cleanliness and accommodation. Every detail must be perfect, and the hotel will clearly show a unique level of style, design and atmosphere. Everything about it will be high-level.

As an explorer, why choose a less prestigious factory for you and your loved one? They deserve the best, and staying at a fine boutique hotel will help you get the best out of them, simply by booking a luxury high-end stay with the best service. You can spend quality time together and enjoy most of the special romantic times in luxury. You will both experience a vacation of a lifetime, you will have more time to explore the city, and come home feeling refreshed and wonderful after experiencing all that luxury. In fact, you both will want to come back again and again.

Is your pool cue relevant? The truth about modern high-tech pool cues

I started playing at the pool at the young age of 7, during the winters growing up in northern Maine when the temperature reached 50 below zero and it was too cold to surf. The Lobby AFB sitting room had some pool tables, and as a very athletic kid I had a natural curiosity about the game, and after watching a few games I was invited by one of the airs to play a game with it. He showed me how to hold the relief stick and make a bridge, and brought me a small wooden box to stand on so I could reach the table. It didn't take me long to get addicted to the game, and soon invited my friends to play. We spent many a cold winter day in that impression room, playing for hours, compiling our rules and games and eventually even gambling nickel candy bars on the score. Yes, we were great entertainment!

When summer came, we put in the clues and played baseball all day. My dream, since I was 5 years old and seeing the Dodgers playing in Los Angeles a few times before my father was transferred to Loring, was to become a professional baseball player, and eventually got a college baseball scholarship to Texas, where my father retired in 1966. Over the years, every free hour I didn't spend in baseball was spent in a pool hall, and after my baseball career ended with a ripped ankle shoulder, the pool became my number one concern. I won my first tournament when I was 17, at a bar my sister worked in, and won a first-place cue. I moved without faith until I liked the stick and rolled it across the table. To the horror, it rolled like a corkscrew, and was so twisted that it couldn't be played! Back to play with a stick!

For the next 20 years, I lounged on the pool where I worked at the time. I drilled oil wells all over the country, earning as much buzz on their necks after their shift as I did from my salary. As a mud engineer, I was responsible for testing many rigs every day, and I knew and played with hundreds of different pool players each year. When I moved around the country to different areas on an annual basis, I managed to keep under the radar and remain relatively unknown, so there was never any problem playing a money game. I don't think I've ever met a collar that didn't play pool, and most of them had a pretty high opinion of their game. That usually changed when it was time to pay off!

In 1989, I met the Alexander Brothers on a Dallas golf course. Nick, a lawyer, founded Clix Pool many years before, and had a total of 20 pool halls from Phoenix to Florida, with his original pool hall right in Dallas at Abrams Red. And a northwestern road. Greg, his brother, was the general manager, and responsible for hiring managers for all 20 of their pool halls. At this point, I retired from the oil business and made a living on the golf courses and pool halls every day. Greg and Nick were both friends at Sleepy Hollow Country in South Dallas, where I added golf every day. Greg was a Limit 3 and after playing with him 3 or 4 days a week for a few months (and taking quite a bit of money from him), he asked me if I was playing in the pool. Ha ha ha. "A little," I said, and he took me that night to the original Clix Billiards to try to make some money.

After he paid the century I picked him up that night, he offered me a job, as the original Clix manager. He knew I had never referred to him before, but assured me I would collect it quickly and fit right in with the pool players who made up their main customer base. Has he ever been right! I took it like a duck to the water, and ended up meeting most of the best pool players in Dallas, and some of the best in the state. The Click had several exhibits, including one by Grady Dead and one by Eva Mataya, the Viking hit. Clicks was also where I met CJ Yaley, the road player who won the NP Ball Ultimate Nine Challenge in 1995 or 96. There were many, many first-rate professional players in a click, with $ 1,000 in one pocket lasting a day and At night, with lots of big brochures from Dallas that spoil a lot of the action, and sweaters on the train next to the dozens, just watching … or praying, lol.

CJ rolled into clicks in 1990 and continued to terrorize local pros. He was an instant legend, rolling all the major players in town. Friends who scared my dick weren't even touching CJ when he offered them the 5 and out. His representative grew, and his rank came as well, eventually reaching 4th or 5th place in the Pool. As I worked there, I became friends with CJ quickly, and when he opened his own room in Dallas, CJ's Billiards Palace Eventually, I left Clicks and went to manage CJ & # 39's place. When he opened, 90% of the action, and professional players, went with him. He had 12 gold crowns, compared to the four at Clicks, a kitchen, and he was open 24 hours. The action never stopped.

So what, you ask, is this all about the title issue? I bought my first mark, a model of Thomas Wayne, in 91, and while it was beautiful, with lots of amazing inlays, and very responsive, it really did nothing to improve my game. I played with it for 3 years until it was stolen, and I liked the mark, but I could play just as well with a hint of a bar, provided it was the right weight and I had a good tip. I wasted $ 700 for the clue, but I really didn't need to. It did not give me any advantage over home hints.

I suffered a severe back injury in 1994, which caused me to stop playing golf and pool. I didn't want to risk surgery, and it wasn't until 2008 that I received some non-narcotic drugs from the VA that allowed me to bend over the table again without pain. At that point, the carnivore clues came out with a 10-piece shaft that was hollow at the edge, significantly reducing the imposition of the cue ball by hitting … or so they claimed. Having been absent from the game for 14 years, I read little of these clues and was curious to say the least.

For those of you reading this who don't know what a cue ball is, here's the nut shell: when a bullet strikes either side of the vertical axis … the center line …. The allusion ball will fall, or "squirt" in the opposite direction. So if you hit the cue ball using the right & # 39; English & # 39; … striking the line ball to the right of the vertical center line … the traffic light ball will shift to the left, and vice versa. In other words, the more English you use, the more severe the stroke, and the greater the end mass … these factors all increase the amount of deviation, or squirt. This squirt should be compensated when aiming, otherwise you will miss photography quite often.

This is where Predator technology comes into play. With a small hollow space at the end, the reduced mass drastically reduced the amount of deflection by allowing the cue ball to push the shaft out of the way it hits, rather than the rod pushing the cue ball out of the way. Shaft 314 became very popular immediately with professionals, and the Z-shaft reduced the deflection even further by reducing the tip size from 12.75 mm to 11.75 mm. A shorter shuttle also helped reduce the mass, thus reducing the deviation even more. Independent tests have the Z² shaft and the 314² shaft from Predator as the world's # 1 and # 2 racks, causing the least deflection. According to the Predator website, the site is used by Predator in predators' clues and shafts. Don't pay these professionals to play with these clues. They play them because their livelihoods depend on their playing ability, enhanced with this high-tech equipment.

Since Predator led the way in the mid-1990s, many companies have now joined the technology revolution. The Lucasi Hybrid Cues offers the Zero Flex Point shaft in all their hybrid models. This shaft is a technology similar to the predatory shafts to drastically reduce deviation. They offer these shafts with many types of joints to match most of the hints that are made today. World Champion Thursten Hohman of Germany is now embodying the Lucasi hybrid.

The OB-1 and OB-2 poles also offer low deflection technology, and John Schmidt recently changed to OB mode. He said he ran over 400 balls playing in a straight pool, the other day he used the OB axis.

I had to try one of these cues myself, and I have to say: I love the new high-tech pool cues. I play with the 5K3 Predator, and although I haven't played in 14 years, my game has risen to a higher level than I've ever played before. The reduced deflection makes the much easier shooting with English much easier by reducing the amount of the squirt.

In summary, advances in technology have shortened the learning curve for starting and intermediate players by reducing ball shifting, and requiring far less compensation for the finishing effect. And the pros, who make a living with a clue? Almost everyone embodies a low deflection axis of some kind. Why aren't they? If they don't buy their competitors (which everyone does).

While Predator remains the benchmark for low deviation, it is not cheap either. The retail price of the Z² shaft is nearly $ 300, but Lucasi's new hybrid cues, with similar technology (and new grip vibration reduction technology), are a good alternative for a lower price. At less than just the Z² Predator shaft price, you can get an outstanding Lucasi Hybrid (http://www.poolsharkcues.com/product_info.php?cPath=6&products_id=78/) that has advanced low deflection technology and plays incredibly well. If a world champion like Thorsten Hohman plays in the Lucasi hybrid, you know that's an outstanding hint.

So think long and hard when buying a new stick. If you don't use a cue with modern low-purification technology, chances are your opponent will. Anything else worth it, modern hint of low deviation, or older hint with a new low purge shaft, is going to win the vast majority of the time. Highly improved accuracy will make it so.

Ten Commandments for a Successful Real Estate Investment Career

According to the founding fathers of our great country, the laws of basic human behavior and civil conduct were based directly on the Ten Commandments of the Bible.

As real estate investors, I believe we also have laws for basic success behavior and civilian profitability.

Ten Commandments for a Successful Real Estate Investment Career

1. Make suggestions! I must submit at least 3 WRITTEN offers a week. My experience has been to help thousands of investors and students over the years with their businesses because offers are usually the number one reason why a business will not explode in profits. If you do not make offers, you will not make any money. I know it sounds simplistic, however it is a real gem of advice. Remember, this must be a written offer – oral suggestions are just a conversation.

2. Secure financing! I need to talk to at least 3 sources of funding a week. These sources of money will come from OPM's "Last Five Years" and are: 1. Personal money, 2. Partnership money, 3. Professional money, 4. Private money and private money in the bank. If you make at least 3 offers a week you will start filling your transaction pipeline and you will need financing that will be ready to close your transactions. Until you know you can pick up the phone and get in touch with enough money you can buy 3 homes this week, all CA $ H, you will continue to collect sources of funding.

3. Orientation to details! I must be attentive to details regarding contracts, agreements and paperwork. In real estate, if it does not exist in the contract, it does not exist! It is the same as our offers, if it does not write the call. Other bad deals were done because the investor thought one thing and the seller or buyer thought of something else Make sure you put it all in the contract. Overly in this area is very good. Follow the "DUMB Focus List Enough Deal" to make sure you have covered your assets.

4. Market, Market, Market! I will continue to market for incoming offers even when I feel I have too many deals. This is the second most common mistake I see investors make, both new and experienced. We start getting a bunch of deals on our way and we feel overwhelmed or scared so we will stop marketing. no no no! This is when we simply adjust the amount of profit that we are willing to work for and we start using our list of buyers to whittle away the offers we can't handle or don't want, but never stop marketing!

5. The human touch! I will maintain the "human touch" in my business by answering my phone. In this day of amazing technology, it's easy for us to bring in the ease and convenience of gadgets, but it's so expensive! No, I'm not talking about the cost of gadgets, and I'm talking about the cost of missing out on deals. If you use voicemail or even an old answering machine to make calls, you are losing money. Hangouts in our business are just too expensive to have. Missing a phone call early in my business cost me $ 60,000 profit! It still hurts to think about it. Use an answering service to allow a person to answer your phone when you are unavailable. Answering services in today's economy are cheap, missed deals.

6. Know the numbers! I will know the component numbers of my transaction from the inside out. In the real estate investment world there are loads of "OOPS" waiting with their names on them. If you do not know exactly what something will cost, please do not guess, find a professional in this field and get a solid number. Fix you did not see because you tried to save a few hundred dollars by not testing the property Professionally, it will now cost several thousand to repair, oops! Of course this is valid for every area of ​​your business, and not just for repairs. Know the numbers to eliminate the OOPS!

7. Know the ports! I will have my "exit strategy" before I make a deal. I fly close to 100,000 miles a year and I heard the flight attendant say "Please find the 2 ports closest to you" probably 1,000 times. On one flight, it occurred to me what an important lesson this is for investors. Before you ever take off (make a deal) know your exit strategy. Many investors jump on a deal without thinking about it until the sale of the property. If you do not clearly know the exit (how you are going to pay) stay away from the deal.

8. Don't take it all out! We've all heard the need to save for a rainy day, guess what, it's always raining somewhere! And sooner or later it will rain on you. Many of the new investors, experienced investors, as well as myself, have been blamed or blamed for spending all the profits from the deal. Please follow this simple cash flow formula for wealth; Tithe 10% and keep 20% in the business. You are 10% 10% because you must pay back. You save 20% of every dollar of profit in the business because no real estate business can operate completely without a few.

9. Be sure to ensure and promise! I will ensure good nights sleep and secure my wealth as I secure my business. In a country that is approved in our lawsuit, it would not be economically wise to run any business without general liability insurance for business. For $ 100 a month, many commercial providers will provide $ 1 million in general liability insurance. This is the same thought process as car or health insurance, you hope you will never have to use it as well, it is better to have it and not have it than you need it and not have it.

10. INC. This is before you ink it! Aggad ("C" Corp., "S" Corp., LLC or any other appropriate entity structure) my business so that I have some protection against frivolous claims. I will not jeopardize the financial well-being of my family or family by not having an entity structure. I will seek qualified advice in this regard and now I will get it!

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Make the most of your Myrtle Beach vacation by booking a boat

Myrtle Beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions on the East Coast. There are so many things you can do here no matter what activity you are interested in, Myrtle Beach offers it to you! If you are on a Myrtle Beach vacation, what you should never miss are the different types of boat cruises offered here. There are several tour companies in the area that offer different sailing packages for all those who want the unforgettable Myrtle Beach vacations.

Captain Dick's Marina, located on Route 17 of Capt. Dick & # 39; In the Bay Area, offers several types of boat cruises for tourists & # 39; Different flavors. They have salt juice cyber adventures, pirate adventures and a perfect ocean cruise for families.

Captain Dick's Marina & # 39; See Thunder Cruise is considered to be the most exciting family attraction on the South Strand. It traverses the salt marsh channels of Morlett Bay, allowing to see the wide variety of bird species that inhabit the area such as gulls, turns, loons, cormorants and sand towers. If this is your lucky day, you will also see other marine life along the way such as friendly dolphins and sea turtles. People of all ages will definitely enjoy this cruise.

For the rates, adults eat $ 22, while children 12 and under will eat $ 15. However, children ages 3 and under will be admitted for free. Orders can be made online. You may be able to find hot deals including discounts for larger tour groups! So do not neglect the power of online reservations, because here tourists actually find bargain prices in the form of tour packages.

Another company that offers boat cruises on the Myrtle Beach is the Big American River Company. It offers different types of cruises, from lunch and dinner cruises to full day cruises that already include breakfast and lunch.

The Great American River Boat Company presents cruises traveling in the free waterway along with Sergeant Kirk on the Second Barefoot Princess. The Jungle Princess is another cruise that will move north toward a barefoot landing, where tourists can overlook beautiful homes and other natural areas. This climate-controlled boat can carry a maximum of 150 passengers and is complete with amenities and even a buffet. It also comes with entertaining and educational narration throughout the trip.

Other cruises offered by the Big American River Company include boating on tourist sites that last about an hour and a half, a two-hour sunset cruise, a two-hour chicken cruise that also includes a starter, starch, vegetable, dessert, and beverages! Last but not least is Captain Dinner Cruise & # 39; Which is a special cruise where a place must be reserved in advance.

While it is true that there are lots of companies on the Myrtle Beach that offer different types of boating, it is better to plan ahead. By planning ahead, you can save time and even money, especially when you're in the area. Tourists need to be smart nowadays! Always good to have fun and as much as possible, don't spend too much. So make sure you get ready for a Myrtle Beach vacation and do your online research before you finally board this plane!

US Hotels: Guaranteed Relaxation

The United States of America (USA) is more often called "the land of opportunity." And when it comes to travel, this country offers many amazing destinations where you can spend quality time. More, forests, deserts and farmland. Mountains and prairies are also abundant. A climate that ranges from the subtropical to the Arctic adds beauty to the region, though most of the country has four distinct seasons. Since you have to stay a long time in the country to visit all the attractions, a good place to stay is a must for you. New York City, a unique fusion of cultures and the world famous skyline, is one of the pearls of the USA.

Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, the list of destinations is too long to remember. Washington, DC, is the capital and home of the president. Boston is also famous for bean beans. The abundance of museums in the country contains things you've probably never seen before. Visiting theses museums is a lifelong experience. Atlanta and Miami are equally popular destinations among tourists. Latin culture, uninterrupted nightlife and stunning beaches are the best features in these cities. California is another destination where you can achieve proper relaxation of mind, body and mind. Los Angeles known as the "Micro Universe" includes everything from rags to riches. Once you're in Los Angeles, never forget to visit Huntington Beach in Orange County to enjoy the ultimate surfing experience. Or you can head to the California Riviera in Laguna Beach & # 39; to take a peek at the famous art scenes. The term Hollywood gives unique recognition to the city of Los Angeles. Hotels in the United States do fulfill your requirements to the fullest.

How to find a hotel deal this summer

When planning for a summer vacation, hotels are the last item on the list of people to book. This is not a particularly good approach if you are traveling with a family since the best hotels are booked first. You may be stuck with a poorly managed and well-located hotel.

Summer is the busiest holiday season in the United States and I felt it was important to share some tips on booking a hotel for your summer vacation.

Many vacationers are looking for new and more luxurious hotels, while older traditional hotels with excellent customer service levels are available at a lower price. I recently helped a client book a hotel in Los Angeles with a century of history. The price was 25% less than a newer hotel. He really enjoyed his stay and told me that the team had told him many interesting stories from celebrities in the past.

Hotels located near a popular tourist destination are always more expensive and more crowded. I recently went on a family vacation to Las Vegas, booking a hotel that is half a mile from the famous strip but much more comfortable, cheap and comfortable. We didn't have to deal with drunk couples who were depressed because of their losses at the casino.

Weekend rates are cheaper than hotel week rates. This is because many business travelers book hotels during weekdays for their business trips. Hotels, on the other hand, market their properties more for business travelers on a weekday. If you want to save money it is always better to book hotels for the weekend.

If you book a hotel with a package deal, you may be able to save a few more from travel service companies like GetUSAHotels to get bulk discounts on package sales. Do your own math and if you feel you can get a better hotel with a car at the same price then that's a good price.

There is no defined travel saving formula but a little effort can make your trip fun, comfortable and cost effective.

For more details visit here.

Altadena, California is a city on the rise

In close proximity to the most successful Pasadena city, Altadena is honored with a well-earned honor reflected in its home values.

With the area northeast of downtown Los Angeles – the westernmost area of ​​what is known as the San Gabriel Valley – neighborhoods and entire cities are on the rise. Nowhere is this more clear than in Altadena, California. Altadena homes are being restored to their original telegram and Altadana real estate is through the roof when it comes to home values.

A friend of mine owned one of those 1920s, Mediterranean-style storytelling with red tiled roofs in Altadena. It was perched on top of a round and nestled among mature trees. Rainbow-colored bougainvillea spills from the roof. Sitting on Breakfast Avenue, the San Gabriel Mountains can be admired from its French windows. The house had plaster walls that met the ceiling in a curve. The floors are built of large wooden slabs, giving the place a kind of art studio on the Greek island. Altadena's neighborhood is ideally located for those looking to get away from it all. She is north of her older sister, Pasadena.

Being in close proximity to the amazing Pasadena Passa – never before has created the real estate buzz that Altadana has missed so far. After all, homes for sale in Pasadena have always been in great demand and Pasadena real estate is always booming. Now Altadena's donor and giddy home sellers have arrived while apartment buyers are clinging to their teeth for waiting too long to enter Altadena's real estate market.

John and Fred Woodbury launched the first subdivision, renamed it Altana in 1887. Recognizing the beauty of the stunning scenery of the feet beneath the crest of the Angels Crest, millionaires from the east erected the first estates along Mariposa Street. It became known as the Millionaire Row. Now let's move quickly to the civil rights era, a generation later. When public schools were abolished, a phenomenon known as "white flight" occurred in this once-desirable place. The Caucasian people pulled out and turned to the western side and the African American population doubled the size of the night. Unfortunately, assets fell into balance and the area became a much less desirable neighborhood than it is today.

Thirty years later, Northeast Los Angeles's Nitrification began to skin and tendon. The derelict and neglected homes were bought cheaply and renovated, and then relocated. Northeast Los Angeles has become a prime target for real estate investors and buyers of modest means to seek their first home.

Quite a bit of community time flourished again and the gradual renovation of these old neighborhoods improved. The ongoing restorative movement in Altadena that began in the 1990s helped increase property values. As things get tougher and the area becomes more attractive and expensive, naturally the buyer becomes more discriminating and sophisticated. Whether you want it or not, right or wrong, it is rich and rich, and those with lower socioeconomic status are often prevented. Some call it gentrification. Some call it progress. Formerly considered a working-class neighborhood, Altadena now has a private country club with tennis courts and swimming pools. Amazing contrast to what was "the other side of the track" during the 1980s.

For sweet and savory eaters to an authentic Italian Lato, head down the eastern highway of Altadena and invent Leo Bolgrini's Latria. The ex-sommelier, a native of Rome, chose this hot spot to open his gourmet shop to his gourmet and that means it all. The new generation of "Hipsteropolis" bars is finding its way to this side of town. If you have a good mattress and you can believe in a good French wine, Altadena Ale and House House is just around the corner. These specialty stores provide an answer to the elite, which is of course a good sign that the Altadena community is definitely on the rise.

You can still find a single family home in this magnificent horse country in less than half a million. It is unknown in the flourishing real estate market in California. It will not take long for the middle class to be priced out so that the time of home buyers is set to begin.